Here's what 798 can do for you !

No matter if you're an Artist, Gallery, Auction House, Art Collector, Art Magazine or Art Lover, it is all about EXPOSURE and getting the right introduction.

Providing detailed information about Artists, Galleries, Events and News, we want to keep our members and visitors correctly up to date. is the world platform for art lovers and smart people. is a world concept to bring together the art loving population from all corners of the world. is the connection between the Eastern and Western art communities with all information concerning:

  • Promotion and Management of upcoming and established artists worldwide
  • The happenings and events in the 798 ART District in Beijing as well as Global Art Fairs & Events
  • Portal site for galleries to connect with each other and towards the outside world
  • Providing information on Exhibitions of some of the biggest Art Galleries in the world
  • Central communication point for ART enthusiasts and collectors
  • Evolution and trends on the global art market
  • Auctions of works from renowned artists
  • Representation on some of the most respectable Art Fairs worldwide
  • Advertising offers to get world wide Exposure
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