Tik Shiro

It has been a journey reaching ultimate success for Tik Shiro. He worked hard crafting his musical talent playing backup drum for many bands, singing, producing, composing songs, as well as acting. Now, he is one of Thailand's foremost superstar and Tik Shiro's music, art and business endeavors capture millions in his home country of Thailand.

Born in September 1961, his original name was Sirisak Nantasen, later changed to Manaswin Nantasen. As a superstar, he is called Tik Shiro and today he is one of Thailand's most famous pop singers. However, Tik Shiro is more than a singer, he is an artist. A very popular Television actor, he has played in movies and his voiceover stars in the Thai version of the animation movie Shrek 3. Moreover his creativity spans the art world, and he also has a passion for art, and is an accomplished painter.

The Art

Not only has Tik Shiro's success as a singer made him an extraordinarily huge superstar, but as well his artwork and his drawings enjoy huge appreciation. He fell in love with art and on 4th of June 2006 disclosed himself as an artist at 44 Art Club Gallery in Khao Sarn Road. With more than 100 pieces of works to his credit, Tik Shiro always has something interesting to express with his vivid coloring. He may have even been the first to paint with coffee.

With many stars and singers admiring his works (for example Aom Piyada, Nino Methini, Golf Benjapol, et al), presently Tik Shiro follows his passions of both singing and painting, and receives praise by millions and admiration the world over.

The Performer

Tik Shiro started work on albums in 1984, and released his first solo release in 1990 and 1991. In 2005, he joined the GMM Grammy record and released another new album, "Boran Man", receiving "The Best Male Singer Award" to his credit for this work. "My Love is Unchangeable" by Tik Shiro is a Thai club anthem phenomenon.



Art Works

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