Jorge Nieto

Jorge Nieto is a Visual Artist, born in Dominican Republic in 1982, selftought.

His work is a combination of collage, photomontage, photography. His portraits tend to be delicate in form, surrounded with his own autobiographical stage.

As visual artist, he is engaged with an ever evolving creative process, open to experimentation and consistency.

He believes that his work speaks for itself and enjoys taking part in projects that will challenge him profesionally.

Jorge has created several works, based on photography, collage, ink and digital illustration which has blended nicely together in "Testosterone Phantoms" and "Logics", 2 collections of highly inspired art works.

Testosterone Phantoms

"Testosterone Phantoms" is a series of 9 pieces of art work in which photography, collage, ink and digital illustrations are applied.

The principal object of this proposal is to visually reflect and dismember the rules and archetypes that are given to human males in order to behave according to their gender, a representation of social rules that may or may not be attached to pre-design chemical responses in each and every stage of our develop as males, projecting what it can normally be seen as the "right manhood behavior".

In this series a question needs to be asked, what is the value of following certain male behavior sets of alignments? Which of those can be traded with female standards? And which of those rules need to be left behind to give free space to new non-sexual behaviors in a society that evolves to become an experience less sexual and basic, without losing of course the animalistic sense.

"Testosterone Phantoms" intends to pushes males viewers forward to recognize particular situations or roles, and also to present them without them.


"Logics" is a series of 14 pieces of art work in which photography, collage, ink and digital illustrations are applied.

This series of art work is meant to establish every piece as a warning, a warning to keep a balance between ideas and the extensive gamma of practical realities that we encounter in our daily routines.

To understand which ideas are practical and collective we truly need to point out which ones are coming from our ego or individual projections and which of those ideas can serve in the collectivity.

Logics intends to demonstrate visually how to avoid those unnecessary ego puzzles and focus more in a balance way in what really may have a real logical output.



Art Works

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